Who We Are

Jon Roberts



Work: 833-719-2440

Cell: 913-244-7543

The story of Outdoor Lending started six years ago when Jon was frustrated with the bank lending process of purchasing a piece of land he wanted. Because not all lenders want to loan money against recreational land, working with his established banker wouldn’t work. Jon eventually found the right lending partner for his property. The ensuing relationship with a prominent bank in the property’s geographic area allowed him to build a large, off-grid building, a pond, an orchard, and an additional habitat for whitetail and quail. The loan was specific to the property and did not interfere with his business.

Jon loves being outdoors. Bowhunting is at the top of the list but upland and waterfowl hunting with his dog are a close second. Having a place to spend time with his family outdoors is priceless.

Caleb Kjergaard CPA

Director of Operations


Work: 833-719-2440

Cell: 913-687-2920

Caleb was born and raised in Eastern Kansas. His passion is the outdoors and you can find him either hunting or fishing when he isn’t helping out on the family farm. To Caleb, nothing beats the sound of nature coming alive on a cool morning while waiting in the duck blind or in a tree stand. Caleb went to school at the University of Kansas where he received his Master of Accounting degree. Caleb is a licensed CPA and spent several years after graduation working for a national public accounting firm before joining the Outdoor Lending team.

Using his knowledge of land and wildlife along with his formal education and experience, Caleb provides a well-rounded and consultative approach to assisting you with your land purchasing needs. Whether this is your first time buying a property or the hundredth time, Caleb will help you find the right lending partner based on your current needs.

Whether you are looking to bounce the ball about a property you have your eye on, looking for financing partners, or just looking to share old hunting stories, Caleb and his team are here to help you!