Our Process

We are not a lender but a land loan broker. Our process allows for over 3,500 banks and agriculture lenders to review your loan and offer terms that meet your needs. We start this process by loading your financial data correctly the first time.

Our concierge service looks like this:

  • Gather information safely and securely from client and real estate agent as it pertains to land purchase
  • Load confidential data onto a secure software platform where land lending banks and other agriculture lenders can review and make an offer
  • We then categorize the loan offers into a manageable spreadsheet for your review
  • We help walk you through the lending offers and help you select your bank or agriculture lending institution
  • We make sure your loan is brought to the finish line so that your loan closes with the lender of choice

Bankers really want a relationship. The phrase “relationship banking… relationship pricing” is as true today as it was 50 years ago.

Let us help you find your banking relationship for your land purchase.